• DJ Simon Jefferson, Music Director

Dissatisfaction - Music Director Playlist of the Month

The music industry is full of people who were dissatisfied with the status quo of the music around them, people who wanted something different, and weirdos. I love all of this most about music, and hope to oneday complain about what I see unfit ironically through music. From the Wu Tang to Richard Hell this playlist is the music to my revolution.

  1. “Protect Ya Neck” , by Wu-Tang Clan off Enter The Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers

The Wu-Tang Clan’s first album Enter The Wu-Tang Clan is a masterpiece of hard hitting lyrics, minimalistic beats, and the anger of an group of young men from New York City. The Wu always speaks out against a system they have seen from the underbelly, sending a message to the world that the Wu-Tang Aint Nuthing ta F’ Wit.

2. “Looking For A Kiss”, by New York Dolls from their self titled album New York Dolls

The Proto punk darlings New York Dolls might have had a quick flight, and sudden crash, but their rough rock and roll, glam looks, and punk attitude was something unseen at the time. Looking for A Kiss talks about life within rundown, bankrupt New York City during the 70s, and life within the glam community.

3. “Vietnow”, by Rage Against The Machine off Evil Empire

As their name suggest Rage is not about the status quo. Led by Zack de la Rocha angst filled lyrics damning a country he see as a shell of what is presented to the public. Rage covers topics of Propaganda pushing, Warmongering, and