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Beach Fossils Dig Up Chill Indie Hits for Summer!

Beach Fossils starts their album with a jingle jangle of a song with This Year. The next two songs Tangerine and Saint Ivy stay with this similar sound. Acoustic guitar, strings, light non obtrusive drums fill the mix, with the ethereal vocals playing the overarching glue to the sound.

The bass guitar line that fills space in the 4th track May 1st! With percussive shakers, this song moves along as if it belongs in Morning Phase from Beck. The non lyrical chorus ahh feel right in place throughout the song, while also giving us more guitar sounds then previous. May 1st transitions perfectly into Rise. A slow spoken word jazzy mid album slow down. This is one of my favorite moments within the album. A serious separation from previous motifs.

Sugar is 6th on the album, and we start to explore more psychedelic, modern indie. Background drumset part feels great, and you can really hear a lot of different bands within this sound, while also sounding unique to this group. Closer Everywhere gives us a harpsichord to start, and if that doesn't follow the Beatlesness of this group, I don’t know what does! Other than surprise use of a older instruments, this song has some gold hidden inside. Social Jetlag is our next sound, and it feels much like previous songs on the album. The keys give this sound a wonderful lightness. The horns too are quite something. Down The Line is next, and is one of the most uptempo songs to be heard. Be Nothing is second to last, and it is the longest song on the album. With the drawn out chorus, and simplistic lyrics make this all work. Closing this album is the aptly named That’s All for Now the closer gives us much of what we’ve come use to from the album, but throwing a couple songwriting flairs within this upbeat, fun, indie closer! I loved my first experience with this group, and look forward to more.

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