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WIDR's June Favorites Playlist

This month brought WIDR’S rotation rack a lot of synth-pop, synth wave music and just 80’s feeling electric music. Our DJ and staff picked some of their favorites for a June playlist that would fit any night drive to the beach.

1. “Do You Want Love?” , by Dave Depper off the album Emotional Freedom Technique

This song comes first on the album giving off groovy night time drive vibes. It also comes first on our playlist due to it’s to the tandem of its lyrics and melody.

2. “Bedtime Intimacy” , by Das Mortal off the album Always Loved

Creating more of spacey night time drive on our playlist is this upbeat but slightly dark synth-wave tune from Das Mortal. The song comes third on the album and features little colorful pop of sounds that definitely feel very 80’s.

3. “Stay Close” , by darkDARK off the EP Heathered

Fading into a slower synth-wave song with melodic soft vocals and darker notes is this funky futuristic song by electronic duo darkDARK. Unique with it’s use of analogue synths, it helps move the playlist along in it’s 80’s vibes.

4. “Feel It (feat. Anfa Rose)”, by Jackal off the EP Endorphins

Ridding off of the darker notes of “Stay Close” we fade into this EDM-R&B tune. The vocals are smooth which makes the hard waves of sound in the chorus stand out, but it blends itself together nicely to still create a vibe of night time, making it fit uniquely in our playlist.

5. “Heatwave” , by L.A. Takedown off the album II

Bouncing off the darker EDM sounds in “Feel It” this songs slower synth wave is a good come down song from the earlier vibes. It builds in drum and synth to reach a melodic feel good tone.

6. “Lannoy Point” , by Ride off the album Weather Diaries

“A lone echoing guitar, and slowly builds instruments on top of each other as the tempo picks up.” This song has been a must play at WIDR with a full album review by Emily Sabourin. It fits in our playlist with it’s darker guitar riffs but airy backbeat.

7. “Rules” , by Hoops off the album Routines

Our finale song on our playlist comes from semi-local Grand Rapids band Hoops. A perfect beach tune with spring guitar and synth-pop vocals. Ending our June favorites playlist on a dreamy note.

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