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Joseph Show’s That Being Vulnerable is Powerful

I’m Alone, No You’re Not

This album from singer-songwriter sisters is absolutely stunning.The vocal harmonies are melodic and light, they add a rich tone to the genuine lyrics. If you like the other sister act First Aid Kit, then you will these girls. As they follow some similar folk like patterns that First Aid Kit has on their album, and they share producer Mike Mogis. But they aren’t folk, while they carry that singer-songwriter vibe their music has more tone’s of pop-rock. And pack some punches with some colorful rhythmic hooks.

The album begins with “Canyon”, and the lyrics grab you right away. They flow above the gentle guitar, and builds to a strong chorus where the harmony of the group is on full display. It’s a fitting first track that doesn’t hold anything back. The second song, “SOS (overboard)” might be a surprising choice to follow the power of “Canyon”, but a full listen through shows a gentler, but still powerful side of Joseph. One of the best song on the album is “White Flag”, which comes eighth on the album. The song is mixed with low smooth harmonies and belted notes. The drums carries this through a series of twisted guitar riffs, leaving you feeling breathless and excited.

This is how the album balances itself out. Each song shows the power in vocal ability and crafty lyrics in strong and soft ways. Even the dreamy folk song, “Planets”, still shows the group’s powerfulness. This album set’s to prove that being vulnerable, open and sweet is powerful. And Joseph undoubtedly proves that.

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