June 26, 2020

Run The Jewels. A two piece rap supergroup that I only recently discovered this year, and ironically transformed my Fortnite character into a BA while I was running around in the game this past January. (No shade on Fortnite but playing Run The Jewels in the background...

June 19, 2020

This week's interview features Danny Gayden, just in time for Juneteenth! We talk about jazz and how it features an intersection of race and culture, along with Danny's newest single from his suite called "Tish".

Link to "Tish" here

BLM Resource page here.

June 16, 2020

This week features an interview with Plastic Picnic.

Full video here.

Condensed video here.

Link to their favorites here.

On a more important note, these awesome dudes have shared a document with plenty of resources on the #blacklivesmatter movement that has taken the coun...

June 13, 2020

The blues could be described as less of a genre and more of a feeling or sentiment toward a past many of us have heard of but didn’t personally experience. Or maybe the blues was an early coping mechanism for many living through hard times in the early to mid 1900s. As...

May 29, 2020

I interviewed Yung Heazy and we talk a lot about musical creation, doing things you are passionate about, and bedroom pop. Link to his tunes here

Watch the interview here.

May 22, 2020

I had the pleasure of interviewing the dudes from Dead Neighbors this week. I made a playlist of their favorites as of late. Check the interview out here and the playlist out here.