Explosions In The Sky — Last Known Surroundings from the album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care



What is Dead @ WIDR? It’s our series of kick ass in-studio performances and interviews that never go live on the air. A lot of great acts come through our studios and while they’re here, they record exclusive sets for our dedicated WIDR fans that are only available through our iTunesU page. If you know a band coming to town that you’d like to hear on Dead @ WIDR or you’re in said band, let us know, because we’ve got the space if you’ve got the time.

Recent Dead @ WIDR performances include:

Analecta (from South Bend, IN)
<a href="http://widrfm.bandcamp.com/track/analecta-dead-at-widr">Analecta &#8211; Dead at WIDR by WIDR Fm</a>

Cloud Mouth (from Grand Rapids, MI)
<a href="http://widrfm.bandcamp.com/track/cloud-mouth-dead-at-widr">Cloud Mouth &#8211; Dead at WIDR by WIDR Fm</a>

The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo (from Chicago, IL)
<a href="http://widrfm.bandcamp.com/track/the-andreas-kapsalis-goran-ivanovic-guitar-duo">The Andreas Kapsalis &amp; Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo by WIDR Fm</a>

Try The Daredevil Christopher Wright on for size! They came to the studio 10/8/09!

If you dig the DEAD @ WIDR sessions, we have taken the best cuts from our first year and have created “THE BEST OF DEAD @ WIDR VOL. 1″. You can find it for sale at 4th Coast Cafe, The Corner Record Shop , and here at the WIDR studios for a mere $7! All of the proceeds go directly back in to studio upkeep to keep the live music available for you!
As always…click this badboy to check out these and other great Dead @ WIDR performances

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