Phil Woods (playing Charlie Parker's saxophone!) with Frank Socolow, Cecil Payne, Duke Jordan, Wendell Marshall and Arthur Taylor— Scrapple from the Apple from the album International Jam Sessions (Xanadu, recorded 1957)

Variety Shows

What is WIDR Variety, you ask?

Variety shows generally happen 9-5 Monday through Friday – from time to time we do get a brave soul who wants to do it late night – and they feature the width and breadth of the WIDR music library, both old and new.

During these shows, our DJ’s get to select a set number of new CD’s out of our rotation racks, which consist of the latest albums and EPs that have been vetted by our Music Director as something worth your time and keeping with the ideals of Radio Evolution. Everything that makes it into rotation comes from different independent labels and any local and regional acts who send us their work. The rest of the show is totally up to the discretion of the DJ. Some like to play one song from as many genres as they can, others feature tracks from artists they believe their listeners will like, and yet others blindly grab random CDs and albums from the library and discover new stuff right along with the audience. No matter how it shakes out, no variety shift is the same as another and each DJ gets to lend their unique flavor to the sets.

If you listen for an hour and hear punk, folk, rockabilly, chillwave, Jewish hip hop, straight up rock, hair metal, pop, and a polka cover of “Low Rider,” then your audio whiplash is courtesy of WIDR and we know you’ll be back for more.