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WIDR Top 5 Pick of the Week – 8/7/13

The WIDR Top 5 is BACK after a brief hiatus! New music is overflowing our mailbox and we’re happily swimming in bubble wrap.

Yesterday we had the Reptilian Shape Shifters join us for a live set in our studio and apparently they rocked out a little too hard. The fellow university workers upstairs at the Faunce Student Services building felt tempted to call the police on us to shut the band down.

But it’s all in good fun. They let us off with a warning.

For now, let’s cut to the Top 5.

1) Valerie June – Pushin’ Against a Stone

Behold! Valerie June’s debut album recorded straight outta the hot South. Produced by an ultimate musical dream team: Keven Augunas (Edwarde Sharpe, Florence and the Machine), Peter Sabak, and Dan Auerbach; and chock full of musical guest appearances, including Bookert T and Jimbo Mathus. This gal’s got everything blues, soul, country, folk, and sexy dreadlocks.  Here’s the single.

2) DIANA – Perpetual Surrender

Collect your weekly fill of sweet, sweet synthpop from the excited debut album from DIANA, a four-piece band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Perpetual Surrender is scheduled to stock shelves next week. Check out their Soundcloud where you can find two sneak peeks off the LP and a neat remix from Four Tet.

3) Washed Out – Paracosm

That’s right, dudes. New Washed Out. Otherwise known as Ernest Greene, Paracosm marks his long-anticipated second full-length release. You might be tempted to call this electronic music, but Greene made it a point to record and sample over 50 different musical instruments, expressing an impressively wide range of sounds. It’s upbeat, dreamy, and a little bit amazing. It All Feels Right.

4) You Me & Us – Paperweights

You Me & Us is a fresh garage-pop trio from Palm Springs, CA. Six songs in less than 11 minutes, Paperweights is a certainly a fun record. Check it out on their Soundcloud, along with their previous EP!

5) Summer Cannibals – No Makeup

 No makeup indeed. Summer Cannibals is the punch-punk lovechild of former Your Canvas members Jessica Boudreaux and Marc Swart. The album’s title might have been taken literally in that the instrumentation and production is particularly simplistic. Enjoy limited streaming on their Bandcamp here.

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