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WIDR Top 5 Pick of the Week – 7/11/13

It’s another WIDR Top 5 post and magic is everywhere. We’ve got zillions of brand new tapes at the station, new DJs kickin’ it in the studio; and live, in-studio performances every week. I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced happiness to this capacity.

More special WIDR news to come. But for now, here’s what we’ve been listening to:

1) Hunx and His Punx – Street Punk

That’s right, kids. Hunx and His Punx is totally back with even more angst, trash, and flaming homosexuality; this time around with Shannon Shaw (of Shannon and the Clams!) on bass and vocals, Erin Emslie on drums, and frontman/founder Seth Bogart. Street Punk marks the group’s third full-length LP, and second cut with Hardly Art. Track 10 is a Beastie Boys cover.

2) Part Time – PDA

Back at it again with Mexican Summer, shoegazey synth-pop duo Part Time returns with a brand new LP, complete with the nostalgic, 80s dream sounds I can’t seem to get enough of. Its chorus-filled guitar riffs, shimmering keytar, and goth-y vocals make me wish I had a cute onesie like the guy on the cover.

3) Fat Freddy’s Drop – Blackbird

Somewhere between disco, raggae, and R&B, New Zealand’s Fat Freddy’s Drop will leave you satisfied and gushing. Throwing at you a wall of sound dosed with horns, guitars, and male vocal harmonies, this record is for good times only.

4) Therese Aune – Billowing Shadows, Flickering Light

Multi instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Therese Aune offers a powerful swarm of interesting and engaging sounds that will get your brain moving. If you listen closely, you may hear piano, wurlitzer, harmonium, harp, cello, accordion, tuba, saw (yes, like the garage tool), and a choir, among many other things.

5) A Great Big Pile of Leaves – You’re Always On My Mind

Not much to see here, just great big pile of leaves.

Just kidding–here’s a link to the starting track on the album: catchy whistle riffs and big choruses to make the perfect college rock sing-a-long.

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