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Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle race! *dingding*

While the entire Midwest is thinking about the heat, many of us at WIDR are also thinking about something colder, harder, and cashier. We’re in the beginning of a new fiscal year and as long time listeners know, WIDR depends on the generosity and support of our listeners for survival. When we’re really lucky, we connect with listeners who have sweet business that they use to support us. Since that is such a big deal for us, it stands to reason that you, our loyal listeners, would want to know who’s going above and beyond to keep us rocking, so that you can a) let them know you appreciate them supporting WIDR, and b) spend your money at a business who values the same independent spirit you do. From now on, with each new underwriter, we’re going to give them a proper introduction to you. Which brings us to today’s post.

WIDR fans of all ages, we’re downright giddy to present our latest underwriter Pedal Bicycles. You’ve probably already heard their spot on the air and yes, they are just as awesome as the A-Team. Based out of a downtown space formerly occupied by a Jeep dealership, owner Tim Krone and the whole Pedal crew love people, cycling, and WIDR, and their passion for all three shows the moment you walk through the door. In fact, their love for Radio Evolution is so great, that they committed to an entire year of support! Just like the gang at WIDR, Pedal has something for everyone, all ages and levels of experience, which means that you no longer have an excuse not to ride with WIDR in parades and other jaunty public outings. Now all we need are WIDR stickers that fit on a bike and we’ll be all set. Thanks, Pedal!

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