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DJ Mony’s Pitchfork Playlist

July 13th, 2017

This year WIDR is proud be working press for Pitchfork 2017. We will be up close and personal with bands and guests. If you are going to be at the festival try and find us and say hello!

Here is a little playlist of bands play Pitchfork from the WIDR Directors to you. Please Enjoy!!!

LCD Soundsystem “American Dream” –

Dirty Projectors “Little Bubble” –

Frankie Cosmos “Too Dark” –

Vince Staples “Norf Norf” –

Priests “JJ” –

Angel Olsen “Forgiven/Forgotten” –

Mitski “Happy” –

Vagabon “The Embers” –

S U R V I V E “Copter” –

A Tribe Called Quest “Dis Generation” –

George Clinton & The Funkadelic “Bring The Funk” –

Nicolas Jaar “Mi Mujer”-

The Avalanches “Because I’m Me” –

Pinegrove “Old Friends” –

NE-HI “Turncoat” –

Colin Stetson “Spindrift” –

Solange “Cranes in the Sky” –

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DJ Highlight

July 7th, 2017



The Splatterhouse - Two Hours of industrial, metal, goth, punk, and other types of electronic jams! The darkest, heaviest, filthiest show on WIDR FM! Friday nights from Midnight to 2am!

We sat down with DJ WILL KILL and asked about his experiences here at WIDR FM.


How long have you been DJing at WIDR?
I’ve been DJing at WIDR since January 2016 but I’ve been volunteering with WIDR since Fall 2015.


What is your most memorable moment at WIDR?
Being able to interview artists that I’ve respected and been a fan of for a long time have been my proudest moments at WIDR. I got to interview Edsel Dope from Dope, Zoog Von Rock from Angelspit and more!


Who would be your dream guest to have on your show?

I’d like to have myself on my own show as an interview subject! Nobody ever asks me anything. Seriously though, I would love to have Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence on my show. I feel like he would be a lot of fun to interview. But I wouldn’t say no to Al Jourgensen of Ministry or Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet either!


What does WIDR and Radio Evolution mean to you?

Growing up and going through high school, I never joined a single club or extracurricular activity because nothing ever interested me. So the fact that DJing for WIDR has become such a passion of mine surprises even myself, sometimes.


Even with as popular as other types of electronic music have become in the United States, I feel that Industrial is still super-underrepresented, and DJing through WIDR means being able to give it an outlet, and I’m honored to be able to be the one to do it. The fact that I get to play music that I love and care about and have been listening to since my single digit years to a wide audience means so much to me, and I have a niche in Kalamazoo, because Kalamazoo in general isn’t really an Industrial-music type city.


If even one person listens to my show and hears something that makes them think, “Wow, this is cool! What IS this?” and looks it up, then my job is done. I have spread the good word of Industrial music. On top of helping with exposure, I also get props and love from the bands that I play! Whether it be a nice message, free promotional downloads, or an interview, I get a deep amount of satisfaction that the bands I play take notice of my show.


Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I get to interview my heroes! I get to talk to artists and bands that I’ve admired for a long time on my show, and if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is!

All of this is what WIDR means to me. I get to live the rockstar lifestyle, and I can’t even play any instruments!


Most importantly, WIDR FM has provided me with a network of friends, colleagues, and like-minded individuals. WIDR FM has made my time at Western Michigan University well worth it. I wouldn’t change any of it for anything!

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New downloads from WIDR!

February 23rd, 2010

This past week, we had a couple things around the station that were worth recording. First, on Saturday afternoon, a wonderful garage-rock combo from the Detroit area called The Sights came through and gave us a brief but ass-kicking in-studio performance. You can find that HERE, on our Dead @ WIDR podcast page. They played a really cool Kinks cover for sound check, but there’s no actual recording of it, so damn.

Second, WIDR directors Jeremy and Dave conducted an on-air interview with Fred Schneider, former leader of the B-52′s and currently a member of The Superions. Click here to be taken to the WIDR interviews podcast page.

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Dr. Dave’s interview with Wyclef Jean

December 15th, 2009

wyclef_jean_coltifbig…and here you will find the oft-spoken-of link to Dr. Dave’s glorious interview with superstar/rapper/actor/producer/all-around-cool-dude Wyclef Jean. They speak of Wyclef’s work in Haiti, the possibility of a full-blown Fugees reunion, and Dave Chapelle’s whereabouts. There are many other fine WIDR interviews which you can listen to as well from the link above.

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Show Coming up at the Strutt this Saturday (Dec 12 2009)

December 7th, 2009

Hey gang,
This Saturday we have Glowfriends, The New Sprytes, AND Flotation Walls playing a bangin’ show at the Strutt! Doors are at 9pm and cover is $5.

the new sprites

floatation walls

If you dont know Floatation Walls, you can click here for a free download of their song Willis. (Dont worry, they gave us permission to link that for yallz.)

Both The Glowfriends and the New Sprytes are from your one and only Kalamazoo!

Floatation Walls facebook
Floatation Walls myspace
Floatation Walls sonicbids
Glowfriends myspace

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WIDR interviews Massachusetts musician Bobb Trimble

October 21st, 2009


WIDR DJ Bizarro Jerry spoke at length with musician Bobb Trimble this afternoon about his new group, the Flying Spiders, and his move from Worcester, Mass. to an area closer to his band’s location in Boston. However, due to ‘technomological differences,’ much of the recording was lost. We’ve salvaged what we can, and it’s available as a podcast at the bottom of this post. Also, Jerry wrote a brief summary of the remaining 20 minutes which weren’t recorded and a brief bio of Bobb:

Bobb self-released two LP’s in the early 80′s that combined the harmonic chops of the Beatles with the eccentricity of Syd Barrett. Thanks in part to the internet (and partially to Secretly Canadian for re-releasing these albums and promoting the hell out of them) more people were exposed to Bobb’s music than the initial pressing of his albums did (both were only made in copies of about 500). His songs range from beautiful to terrifying, and the whole scenario is made all the more strange by Bobb’s decision to perform and record with bands of young teenagers (the Kidds and the Crippled Dog Band). Now 51, Bobb’s music is decently well known to ‘college radio types’ like myself, and he’s glad to be playing again.

Surely he’s tired of answering questions about 2 albums he wrote in the 80′s, so I tried to keep the questions a mix of past and present (as well as future).

One of the most interesting anecdotes I heard from Bobb was regarding this album cover:

94612from Bobb’s 1982 release “Harvest of Dreams.” Apparently, the unicorn in the photo was encountered at a renaissance fair, and went on to be a big star in the Ringling Bros/Barnum and Bailey circus. He said upon returning to the renaissance fair more recently, they had tigers instead. We both agreed that tigers aren’t very renaissance-type animals.

I also asked him about the leap in production quality between his first album, “Iron Curtain Innocence,” and the aforementioned “Harvest of Dreams.” He told me about half of the first album (all played and engineered by Bobb, except the drums which he had 2 different friends play) was recorded on a 4-track, and the rest on an 8-track machine. When the 2nd album was recorded, an 8-track was used, but it had a bounce function and allowed them to do about 14 tracks per song.

Returning to the Kidds and the Crippled Dog band, I asked Bobb if he’d ever seen the movie “School of Rock,” because the story kind of paralleled his own. He said he hadn’t seen it, but that he’d heard of it and agreed with the ‘older rocker’ showing some kids how to rock notion–although the Crippled Dog Band actually asked him to join, and he was so impressed with their musicianship that he agreed.

Also, he appeared in a cartoon not too long ago, which can be found here.?He told me the cartoon wasn’t actually far from the truth, and that he did spend a while as the driver for legendary Mass. band the Prefab Messiahs (who share musicians with Bobb’s current backing band). The cartoon was created by Xerox, the vocalist for the group, and Bobb says he’s been attempting to get them to do some more live sets.

That’s about it. Click here for the recorded portion of the interview, and click here to find out more info about Bobb’s albums.

Thanks again to Bobb for taking the time to speak with us, and thanks to Kris from the Prefabs for hooking this thing up. I feel bad for missing a large portion of the interview, but technology, eh?

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