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2017 Battle of the Bands

February 13th, 2017

Welcome to the Home of WIDR FM’s 2017 Battle of the Bands 

We would like to thank everyone who participated and supported our first every Battle of the Bands competition!
Thanks to your support we were able to host 4 weeks of successful competitions, see below for information about who came out on top…


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Album Review: “Oh Wonder” album brings up wonderous emotions

February 5th, 2016

Written By: Christina Mora A&E Assistant Editor at the Western Herald
Infamous for selling out since their first performance in London at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in September 2015, London based duo Oh Wonder, is hitting the ground running.

Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht produce a mellow, R&B, keyboard/drum based alternative sound. The duo promised to write, record and release one song a month for a year starting in September 2014.
They finished the year with their do-it-yourself album, self named “Oh Wonder,” after signing with Republic Records. The band self-claimed their fame with their viral online streams.

In 2015, Oh Wonder was the second most blogged about band in the world. With 15 songs on the album, West and Gucht do a fabulous job at making each song original and intriguing. Due to the fact most songs on the album were written, recorded and released in one month, I am astonished I wanted to download all the songs on my iTunes library.

Their first single released, “Body Gold,” is the type of song you would see edited over a GoPro video of a crowd of girls wearing flower crowns dancing at a music festival. In my opinion, songs with this feel are the best way to get a band’s name out in this generation.

My favorite track is “Landslide,” which was their 10th single to be released. This song truly intoxicates me. Being the avid indie-pop and alternative music listener that I am, I live for songs that embody the quote “music sooths the soul,” which this song does ravishingly.

Josephine has a sweet but powerful sound to her voice. She mends perfectly with West’s mellow voice and overpowers him to the perfect extent without drowning him out. I praise the two for finding a perfect medium.

When I first heard “Whiteblood,” I instantly thought of the alternative England based artist, Birdy. However, iTunes compares Oh Wonder to The xx and The Weepies because of their shared alternative, R&B, indie-pop, and electropop genre.

Oh Wonder is making its way to to a handful of states in North America, including both Bonnaroo and Firefly music festivals. I would die to see this band at The Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado on July 21, 2016.

“Drive” is another song that brought up a lot of emotions for me. The majority of the album made me want to pitch up my ENO hammock by a lake and find my bliss while listening to it. Every song made me feel at peace, almost like the songs were made specifically for my life.

The album seems to be somewhat of a break-up album, which is a relatable concept. Even though I’m not currently going through a breakup, the songs dredge up past feelings. “Oh Wonder” steers my thoughts of my heavy heart toward my past relationship with the most tranquil approach that I am left grateful for.

The Duo appeared on the television show “Conan” this month and performed “Lose It,” which is the last song that stood out to me on a personal level. This is the kind of song I would listen to while walking around at night after a long day in my Michael Kors heels and black trench coat.

Oh Wonder’s album reached No. 26 in the Official UK Charts, No. 16 in Canadian charts and No. 80 in the United States Billboard. Hopefully, for my want of them to tour in Michigan, they will become more popular in North America. I am officially a fan of Gucht’s and West’s work and I adore the “Oh Wonder” album. I would rate this album a 10/10.

This album review is brought to you by the Western Herald.
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They’re heeeere….and it’s BIG news!

September 8th, 2011


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, WIDRites of all ages, we’ve kept you in suspense long enough. It’ll be October 14th & 15th before we know it and with tickets at $10 in advance and $13 day of show, we know they won’t last long, either online or at The Strutt. So it is with snickering and girlish delight that we present your 2011 Barking Tuna Festival lineup!

Kicking things off on BTF night one will be WIDR’s own DJ diva, DJ Boone. If you haven’t heard her spin, your funky bits haven’t truly grooved.

Next up, we deliver the rock-out-with-your-genitals-of-choice-out audio whiplash that WIDR is known for, with local genre-defying party masters U.S.S.A. (members of The Dead Mavericks). If you don’t know them yet, you will after this night and you’ll never be the same.

And then, when we’re all feeling good and rocked, what are we going to do? BAM! We’re going to give you this guy!
Read more…

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Dead at WIDR – In Euphoric Company, Gunship Radio

May 4th, 2011

We at WIDR want to help usher in the summer weather by giving you all some music to frolic about to. We present the following…

In Euphoric Company — South Bend, Indiana — these guys stopped by mid-April to deliver some soothing sounds on a rainy afternoon. Hit their facebook up. Check out a sample of their set below, and then download the rest HERE

Gunship Radio — Kalamazoo, Michigan — some good home-grown rock’n'roll — be sure not to miss these folks if they’re playing. their facebook here! Check out a sample below and download the rest HERE.

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Dead at WIDR band at Corner Bar tonight!

May 10th, 2010

Right now, Omaha Nebraska’s Husbands are recording an in-studio for the Dead at WIDR series. Tonight, they will be playing the Corner Bar on Vine St. around 9 pm, accompanied by Coma Nova. This is part of their midwestern tour, which started in their hometown and worked its way to Michigan. Last night, they played the Basement 414 in Lansing.

Husbands’ sound is spacey, noisy indie rock in the classic trio format. Former Kalamazoo resident David Ozinga bangs the drums, and he is joined by Devin M and Brendan M on bass and guitar/vocals, respectively.

You can check out their in-studio performance later this week, and to hear the band’s tunes, you can visit their myspace page.

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Double dose of Dead!

April 20th, 2010

Dead at WIDR’s are boomin’ right now!

Who would bring you two new in-studios in the same week? Only WIDR FM, of course! Both of these fine performances are brought to you by the WIDR audio interns.

This past weekend, garage-rockers Doomstar from Cambridge, Mass. came by to tear shit up, and you can check out the entire performance HERE or play a 3-song sample below!

Also, check out a slightly more subdued performance by NY indie-rockers matt pond PA. Full podcast HERE and 3-song sampler below!

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Local K-zoo rapper Skitzo on the Hammock District today

April 16th, 2010

Making his third (?) appearance at WIDR, local rapper Skitzo of Merk will be performing on the Hammock District this afternoon between 3 and 5 pm. Also, here’s an official, self-produced music video:

Enjoy, y’all

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Mo’ Dead, Mo’ WIDR

March 30th, 2010

Despite the WIDR-Week commotion, we made time for another in-studio performance this weekend. Past Lives, a band from Seattle, formed out of the ashes of the legendary Blood Brothers in 2007. They play some experimental rock music that WIDR listeners can probably get down with. Check out a 3-song preview below, and download the full podcast here!

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Listen to WIDR all day on Thursday, the 25th

March 22nd, 2010

…because it’s going to be a party. From 2 pm to 2 am this Thursday, WIDR will feature 12 hours of live on-air music brought to you by the best in Kalamazoo music. This is lovingly being called the WIDR ALLNIDR, in honor of the WIDR Weeks of yore where DJs would often commandeer the studio for an entire night to ask for donations. How does this help us raise money for WIDR Week? Well, it doesn’t, really…but the idea is to show you, the listeners, what we here are doing with audio equipment purchased during past WIDR Weeks. These are the kind of free events WIDR needs your help to set up each year.

The flier below will clue you in on what groups are playing throughout the day, so you can tune in for that particular set (kind of like a music festival, if you think about it). A couple of the groups will even be playing OUTSIDE the WIDR offices (if the weather is nice enough) and we’ll announce it on air so y’all can come down to campus and watch a free outdoor concert of sorts.

PLUS: Free giveaways! Be there, or don’t. But your friends will probably treat you differently like you just came back from Vietnam or something if you don’t.

Also, Who Are the Owls? (3:30 pm set) will NOT be playing, but a group featuring some of the same members, Glennerd, will be taking their spot.

Also also, Only the Ashes Remain will not be performing for this event, but they’ll be there in spirit.

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Dead at WIDR Bonus disc!

March 12th, 2010

Hello all who will potentially buy our first-ever WIDR CD release tonight at the Old Dog Tavern,

If you do, in fact, purchase our “Dead at WIDR Vol. 1″ CD tonight and you are one of the first 100 people to do so, you will be receiving a free bonus disc with 14 of our favorite tracks from other WIDR in-studio performances recorded during the past year. If you do this, you will possibly be wondering, “Where is my tracklist? How the hell do I know what I’m listening to?!”

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Here’s a printable paper case to hold your bonus disc, complete with a front cover, tracklist, AND folding lines. It’s all black and white, so all you WMU students can print it for free in the computer labs or something and not worry about losing color.

Here it is! Just save the image and open it. It’s automatically sized to fit on a standard sheet of computer paper (landscape-style, that is).

Click me to get the full size image!

We also wanted to give extra special thanks to TYLER RUBENFELD who designed all of the CD art work! In our infanite wisdom, we forgot to thank him on the actual CD, so we will be thanking him here!

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